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The purpose of psychotherapy

is to set people free

– Rollo May

The goal of psychological intervention is to alleviate emotional distress and enhance well-being, based on psychological theories, research and clinical assessment. Clinical Psychologists select the most suitable treatment modality and procedures that target the client's unique psychological conditions and needs. Psychotherapy is directed at managing psychological, emotional and behavioural problems, including excessive anxiety, phobia, depression, post-traumatic stress reactions, addiction, eating and weight management issues, childhood trauma, family and relationship problems, work stress, emotional distress triggered by illness, accidents or trauma. 

Samantha’s professional specialties include the application of mindfulness-based interventions, hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioural approaches for different mental health issues. She believes psychotherapy is not only for symptom reduction and treatment of disorders, but also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With this in mind, Samantha works with her clients on a deeper level and strives for continuous personal development and flourishing. 

Samantha specializes in adult and elderly services. Apart from therapy, Samantha also provides individual consultation and mindfulness training. If necessary and with the consent of the client, Samantha may refer her clients to other types of treatment such as medication.

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